Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cowboy/gunslinger character sketch

Re-drew a sketch from my notepad and slapped on some quick colour.
Will be looking to design full body for this guy later.

Expressions Sheet

The square around the heads is to help focus on the negative space to create better angles etc for the face.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Me, My, Myself and I.

A new profile pic I whipped up for myself today.

PEH (1)

This is just a 'warm up' sheet before I start on any other work.
Plan is to sketch out a pose, an expression and a hand (PEH).

Mike The Pirate (Work Art Blog)

This is February's work art blog's entry from me "Mike The Pirate"
You had to draw someone from work as a pirate...

Peter Griffin Sketch

One of my first sketches on my Cintiq...."I have to draw you!"


A couple of wee commissions I gone 'n' done!

3x5 Challenge

This was the 3x5 Challenge on Facebook. The aim was to do 3 new sketches each day for 5 days.
For quickness I just did a new character each day with 3 different expressions.